Terms and Conditions

Scottish SPCA Reduced Cost Neutering Scheme (Trial) 2019

Making and Appointment

Appointments for neutering surgery under this scheme should be made by phoning 0141 810 8092 and asking to be forwarded to the neutering service. This is available during the hours of 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday. If necessary, owners will be directed to leave a voicemail message with their contact details and we shall telephone them back.


Neutering Surgery under this scheme will be performed at the Scottish SPCA Veterinary Clinic, 125 Kinnell Avenue, Cardonald, Glasgow, G52 3RY. The clinic can be contacted directly in an emergency on 0845 557 1062. Please note that this number should not be used to make appointments.

Consent and Admission

In making an appointment and signing consent for the neutering procedure to be performed on their animal, the owner is agreeing that they understand that the operation(s) will be carried out by Final Year University of Glasgow Veterinary students under direct supervision from a qualified Veterinary Surgeon with extended experience of practical surgical teaching. There is no increased risk of complications in comparison with an operation performed by a Veterinary Surgeon. However, all general anaesthetics and surgical procedures carry an element of risk, in some cases serious and often due to unforeseen complications or health problems with the animal. The owner will have these risks explained to them prior to the surgical procedure being carried out and will be asked to sign to give consent for us to proceed. The owner or designated person signing the form needs to be over 18 years old at the time of signing the form.

At all times the health and welfare of the animals admitted for neutering under this scheme is paramount. This means that if we identify a reason why it would be unsafe or detrimental to their health to proceed with the surgery, then the procedure will be cancelled. This includes any health problems we discover during the routine pre-operative health check that every patient will be given on the morning of the operation.

It is of upmost importance that if the owner knows of any health problems the animal has suffered or is currently suffering from, that they declare this to us prior to the surgery as on occasion adjustments need to be made to the protocols we would use. We reserve the right to cancel the procedure if we are uncertain that it would be safe to proceed.

It is not the intention that this service should replace the normal attention that animals receive from the owner’s own Veterinary Surgeon. We are therefore not able to undergo any form of diagnostic procedures on the animals on the day and the owner will be directed to seek advice and treatments elsewhere in the normal manner. Occasionally we may be able to offer other minor procedures that would benefit the animal but this depends on the availability of surgical time and is at our discretion.

The owner must supply us with a contact telephone number during the day should we need to ask them any questions or give them any information about their animal(s).


Owners will be expected to arrive with their animal(s) between 8 and 8.30am. It is imperative that their dog or cat has not been given anything to eat (including treats or snacks) from 9pm the night before. Failing to do this could be extremely dangerous to the health of the animal as it causes complications. Water can remain available throughout the night. If an animal has been fed then the procedure will not go ahead.

The animal will be admitted for its procedure once the owner has signed the consent form.

If the owner arrives too late in the morning to allow admission without compromising the welfare of other animals admitted previously the procedure may need to be cancelled. Thus the arrival time is strictly no later than 8.30am. Adequate time should be allocated for the journey, giving allowance for the potential of heavy traffic or other travel factors.

Data Protection

Please note that we will use the owner’s data in confidence and will not share it with anyone else unless directed to by them. The only exception to this will be if asked information about an animal’s health status by a registered Veterinary Practice where the health of the animal would be compromised otherwise. Wherever possible, the owner would be informed of this at the time.

Collection and Post-operative Care

The animals will normally be collected between 2 and 2.30pm on the same day. The only exception to this will be if we need to keep the animal longer to allow careful post-operative monitoring.

A comprehensive instruction sheet will be supplied to the owner regarding the care and monitoring of their animal after the operation. This will include instructions on feeding and wound monitoring. In the case of dogs especially, attention should be given to instructions on levels of exercise over the two week period following the surgery.  Failure to comply with our instructions may compromise the animal’s health and could have serious consequences for them.

Should an Elizabethan collar be required to be fitted to the animal to prevent self-trauma, there will be an additional charge for this as it is not included in the price for the procedure(s).

Owners will be instructed how to make contact with us should there be any health concerns with their animal attributable to the surgical procedure we performed. In signing consent for the procedure they are also confirming that they have access to transport at all times of the day. Should there be serious complications with the animal out of hours then the owner may be directed to visit an emergency Veterinary facility in Glasgow and transport would be required for this provided by the owner. More minor complications that can be dealt with during working hours will be handled at the Veterinary clinic in Glasgow, and again the owner will be responsible for transport.


Payment for the procedure(s) will be made on the morning of the operation prior to the procedure being performed. Payments are made by bank card. These payments will be reimbursed to the owner should the procedure not go ahead.

The costs of these services are:

Bitch Spays: £100

Dog Neuter: £75

Cat spays/neuters: £35

Please note that this is a non-profit-making scheme. Any surplus income from the scheme will be channelled back into this service and will not be incorporated into the general Scottish SPCA fund.

Any donations towards the scheme on the day will be gratefully received and will be used to help with the neutering of other animals.