Animal Guardians

Animal Guardians is a FREE resource being offered to primary school aged children, on an individual basis, to nurture empathy and compassionate behaviour towards animals.

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  • The programme is designed to help children who have shown a lack of empathy towards animals

  • We offer one-to-one sessions with our Youth Engagement Officers

  • We use interactive and engaging games that are designed to help recognise animals as sentient beings

  • Anyone who is in position of care can refer a child including parents, guardians, teachers and childcare and health professionals

  • Animal Guardians is available across most of Scotland
  • To find out more about the Animal Guardians programme, email


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Prevention through Education

Our free Prevention through Education programme for Scottish primary schools reaches more than 245,000 children every year.

We passionately believe our programme will have a huge and positive impact on animal welfare in Scotland for generations to come.

The results have been immediate, with fewer children being involved in animal cruelty.

Find out more about our programme.