Beam Engine House Education Project

Changing lives through nature

Did you know we treat around 10,000 wild animals at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre every year? All the animals we rehabilitate at the centre are born to be wild, so we limit human interaction and the centre is not open to the public.

However, through our pioneering educational programme and wide-reaching research, we know a strong bond with animals and nature is key to human wellbeing. Wild animals we rescue are in need for a number of reasons, such as: a lack of knowledge among the Scottish public about how to best help them; acts of deliberate cruelty; being orphaned at an age where they won’t survive on their own.

Through education and helping people build a stronger connection with Scotland’s rich wilderness and the animals that inhabit it, we believe we can reduce the number of animals in need of rescue to begin with. That’s why we’ve got grand plans for a community hub at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre (NWRC) to bring people closer to nature.

Beam engine house

The NWRC community hub

Next door to our wildlife centre, there’s an old beam engine house originally built in 1865. It’s lying empty, though has been partially restored as a monument to the industrial history of Clackmannanshire. It’s one of just a few beam engine houses left standing in Scotland. Rather than letting it gather dust, we want to transform the beam house in to a community hub for people from all walks of life to enjoy.

We believe that by encouraging people to engage with nature and animal welfare can truly change lives. Our vision is to mould the beam engine house in to a modern education and information centre where everyone can learn about positive human-animal interactions. Building on the specialist support we offer people, the hub would be a safe haven for children who have experienced trauma to increase their compassion, knowledge and empathy towards animals.

We want to build an eco-friendly classroom too. This would host large community groups and school visits.

Help us change lives through nature

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School girl with Scottish SPCA helmet on

Education programme

We spoke to more than 245,000 children in 2018 through our Prevention through Eduation programme