Dog music research

The Scottish SPCA has been working with the University of Glasgow for a number of years on how they can improve the quality of life for the dogs in their care. A study conducted shows that music has a calming effect on dogs and that their stress levels decreased significantly after listening to music. 

Dogs can stay in our care for over a year and we wanted to make their life with us as comfortable as possible and this research is at the forefront of animal welfare.

infographic dog musicThe study revealed that, just like humans, dogs become easily bored if they listen to the same music continually and like variety within their playlist. While all of the genres of music tested (classical, pop, motown, soft rock and reggae) help keep dogs calm, the dogs seemed to particularly benefit from reggae and soft rock.

All of our centres are able to pipe music into the kennels for our four legged friends to enjoy, with the view of extending this research to other species in our care. All the tracks on the album, ‘Paws, Play, Relax’, are based on the results of the collaborative scientific study undertaken by the University of Glasgow.

We’ve been working alongside multi-million record selling songwriter John McLaughlin, who’s best known for writing hit songs for artists such as Rod Stewart, Westlife, Busted, Cliff Richard, and Sandi Thom, appearing as the music coach on BBC’s Fame Academy and being the current manager of the Bay City Rollers, to create a music album aimed at relaxing dogs.

You can get your copy of ‘Paws, Play, Relax’ here:

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