The Scottish SPCA is seeking a special home for senior girl Meg

The Scottish SPCA is seeking a forever home for Meg, a special senior cat who has been in the care of their Edinburgh rehoming centre for 96 days.

MegWe are appealing for a new home for Meg, who is aged between 12 and 13 years and currently receives daily treatment for a thyroid condition.

Diane Aitchison, manager of the centre in Edinburgh said, “Meg is a lovely little cat looking for a special home.

“She is a really sweet girl who loves a cuddle and affection.  She will happily come and greet you and head bump your hand and she doesn’t mind being picked up.

“Meg suffers from hyperthyroidism which means she needs to be on medication for life.  She requires two tablets each day, the cost of which is around £1.30, so any new owner will need to be happy to continue this treatment as well as six monthly vet visits.

“Due to her condition, we recommend she be an indoor cat, or go to a home where she can have a potter in the garden and not stray too far, as we wouldn’t want her to miss any medication due to a night away from home.

“She is an absolute sweetheart.  We would love to be able to find Meg the perfect home to live out her twilight years.”

Anyone who can offer Meg a home should contact our centre in Edinburgh on 03000 999 999.