The Scottish SPCA is determined to put an end to illegal puppy farming. This multimillion pound industry is fuelled entirely by greed and profit.

A puppy farmer can be described as a high volume breeder who breeds puppies with little to no respect for the welfare of the puppies and parents. Puppies from puppy farms are often kept in conditions reminiscent of intensive farming systems. Bitches are bred too many times and puppies are removed from their mother too early.

Estimated by the Scottish Government to be worth a conservative £13 million last year in Scotland alone, this cruel trade can severely traumatising for the puppies, their health is compromised and many do not survive the ordeal. If they do survive, many of them are likely to have genetic disorders or carry infectious diseases such as parvovirus.

A recent study conducted by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Edinburgh confirmed the negative impact puppy farming has on a puppy’s health and wellbeing. You can find out more about the study HERE.

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Our Special Investigations Unit spearhead a multi-agency taskforce who work tirelessly to bring 

puppy traders to justice through Operation Delphin which includes support from Dumfries and Galloway Council, ISPCA, USPCA, DSPCA, RSPCA, HMRC Trading Standards, Stenaline, Police Scotland Port unit and APHA.

Whilst Operation Delphin helps identify traders and sellers, we want to continue building on its success and bring the entire trade to an end.

We truly believe we’re stronger together, that’s why we’ve joined forces with the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, RSPCA, Battersea, Dogs Trust, University of Edinburgh, PAAG, Trading Standards Scotland, One Kind, Blue Cross and BSAVA to tackle this cruel and callous trade.

We are united in our fight against the illegal puppy trade, that’s why we’ve launched our new collaborative website www.saynotopuppydealers.co.uk. Stand with us and pledge your support.

The goal of this website is to help raise awareness and change the narrative. Some people think they’re ‘rescuing’ puppies from these dank and dismal conditions but they need to understand they’re actually fuelling the trade. We are urging you to walk away and report any concerns.

Although it can be hard to walk away from a puppy that looks like it needs your help, you will be funding the illegal trade by purchasing a puppy and another dog will soon take its place.French Bulldog 2

If you have concerns about a puppy you are looking to buy, or have already bought, please call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

Walk away, report your concerns, and stop the trade.

How can you help?

We believe public awareness is at the heart of the solution. Please don’t help fund more illegal traders whose only concern is profit.

You can also help us spread the word using the hashtag #SayNoToPuppyDealers on social media and by visiting www.saynotopuppydealers.co.uk for more information.

If you feel strongly on this issue we would urge you to contact your MSP.


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Thousands of puppies are born into the illegal puppy trade each year. Don't help fund this cruel trade. Pledge your support and #SayNoToPuppyDealers.