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  • Avril

My Profile

  • NameAvril
  • Age2-3 years
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedLionhead
  • Reference348739
  • LocationGlasgow

Avril arrived in our care after she was found as a stray and is now looking for her forever human.

Avril is a very inquisitive rabbit who always likes to know what is going on. She was not very hand tame when she arrived in our care, however she is coming along well and learning that human are in fact, not that bad! She absolutely loves her grub and this is definitely the way to win over her heart.

Avril will need a large cage in which she has plenty of space to hop around in. She will also need lots of things for her to do so that she does not get bored. An outdoor run would also be beneficial.

Since Avril has semi-long hair, her new owner will also need to do regular grooming so that her locks stay beautiful.

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