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Coco and Milky

  • Coco and Milky
  • Coco and Milky
  • Coco and Milky

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  • NameCoco and Milky
  • Age1 year
  • GenderMale
  • BreedCrossbreed
  • Reference349749
  • LocationEdinburgh & Lothians

Coco, Milky and Milo,

These three boys are the sweetest trio and for the time being, get on so well together.

Just like any young buns they love to hop around, chase and play with their toys. They have all the potential in the world to learn new bunny tricks and make new friends in future homes.

As most young rabbits can be, they are a little wiggly when first handled but once they feel safe they will enjoy a cuddle and even a good groom as their longer fur demands.

Afterwards, they enjoy a little reward for being so patient and enjoy a lovely bit of cabbage.

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